1. Is my card always sent in an envelope?
A folded greeting card is always sent in an envelope, a normal postcard is sent without envelope.

2. How does the envelope look like?
For the envelope we use a off-white FSC envelope, with the opening on top.

3. Can I send greeting cards when i do not have an account?
Yes you can. To send a greeting card you do not necessarily need an account. However we would need some of your contact details so that in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order we would be able to contact you.

4. Can i also send my greeting card as an e-card?
No, this is not possible. The greeting cards are only available for sending by normal mail.

5. Can I change a greeting card afterwards?
No, not yet. In the near future it will be possible, so keep an eye on us!

6. How can I re-order cards?
This is not possible at the moment in the future it will be an option.

7. Can i receive an invoice?
You will automatically receive an invoice of your order via email.

8. What is Adyen and is it safe?
Adyen provides the technology for online payments. Through Adyen you can make payments via a secure credit card platform.